Team Core Values

All RISE staff members are on a journey to live out these core values within their work lives:

• Integrity
• Commitment
• Community
• Respect
• Relationships
• Initiative
• Team work
• Equality
• Communication
• Learning


“Being trustworthy, honest and transparent.” This is an underpinning value that RISE is built on. We commit to working with integrity within our staff team, within our community and within the schools that we work in.


“The quality of being dedicated to a cause.” Our expectation is that our staff are committed to RISE and that RISE is committed to the community we serve and the children and young people we work with.


“A particular area or place considered together with its inhabitants.” RISE is committed to the community of Welsh House Farm and seeing this community and its people thrive.


“A sense of worth in a person” At RISE we commit to treating all children, young people and adults with respect, as we see worth and value in all people.


“The state of being connected” We believe relationships are key in all areas of life. We are therefore committed to investing in relationships with children, young people, staff members, schools and other agencies.


“An act intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something.” We actively encourage our staff to use their initiative when delivering Sports sessions. As an organisation we are also always open to new, fresh, exciting opportunities to bring about change.

Team Work

“The combined action of a group to achieve a goal.” We are very aware that team work is an essential part of the success of RISE. The staff members are committed to each other in order to collectively see the vision of RISE to become a reality.


“Creating a fairer society, where everyone can participate and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential” We are committed to treating all staff members, children and young people equally. We are committed to eliminating discrimination on the grounds of: gender, ethnic origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation.


“The successful sharing of ideas and feelings.” We strive to communicate appropriately with all children we work with and to work creatively to enable children to express themselves.


“The act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill.” At RISE we promote an attitude and environment of learning. We are all on a journey and all have more skills and knowledge to develop. We are committed to seeing our staff members develop and grow.